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Why does a Backyard Office make all the difference?

Do you work from home?

Do you work from home?

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Why does a Backyard Office make all the difference?

Remote work, online schooling, and other home based professions have become very mainstream over the last few years. Those who have gotten to experience this know that while spending lots of time at home has had some great benefits, we also know that there can be struggles. The place where you eat, sleep, relax, do chores, and interact with family has also become a place where you need to productively get critical things done.

We recognize that there are benefits to having a separate space for work, school, and creative projects. Our solution is to offer a turnkey backyard studio shed that can provide the separation and the physical space that you need to take your productivity at home to the next level.  


Our backyard office studios come fully insulated with heating and cooling, multi hue dimmable LED lighting, acoustic ceiling panels and internet connectivity solutions. 


If you are interested please contact us. We would love to meet you!

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We are a local business proudly serving the Portland/Vancouver area!

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