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$500 off your Backyard Office Studio Model FS16!

Model FS16

Designed for productivity and deep focus​

Control your environment 

  • Multi hue, dimmable, LED lighting

  • Fully insulated with quiet heating and cooling

  • Acoustic ceiling tiles for good audio quality 

Quality that lasts 

  • Built locally in Washington State by master craftsmen 

  • High quality materials picked for durability & style

  • Innovative modular design for quick installation. 

Headache free 

  • Install & electrical hookup included in price

  • We handle everything including permits & installation

  • Short timeline from purchase to ready to use

Price:  $25,000 

Price includes install & electrical hookup! 

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Technical Details


  • Premium vinyl plank flooring

  • High Density polyester acoustic panels on ceiling 

  • Finished maple plywood on walls

  • Four electrical outlets

  • Philips Hue, full spectrum of white and color, dimmable LED lights. Color rendering index (CRI) 90

  • Cat6 ethernet port

  • 9000 BTU smart controllable and energy efficient (20 Seer) Mini Split

  • Floor: 15ft 4in by 7ft 4in. Ceiling: 8ft 11in (highest point), 7ft 8in (lowest point)


  • Algae resistant laminate shingled roof 

  • T1-11 Siding (Other siding options available)

  • Two 60"x60" front picture windows with energy efficient Low-E glass

  • Four 49"x12" rear picture windows with energy efficient Low-E glass

  • R30 Rockwool insulation in roof and floor

  • R15 Rockwool insulation in walls

  • Outdoor LED Motion Sensing Flood light (By front door)

  • Length: 16ft 2in. Width: 8ft 2in. Height: 10ft 8in (highest point)

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