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Your very own backyard office optimized for focus, productivity & creativity!

Find out how you can have your own backyard office studio built for you—no hassling over permits & contractors required!

Escape the endless home distractions for good!

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Focus Space optimizes for...

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Smooth 3-step process!

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Step #1

Consultation & Site Visit

We start by discussing your needs, preferences, and vision for how you will use your space.  The 100% free site visit allows us to assess your backyard, ensure it is suitable for installation, and discuss any unique elements of your property that may influence the design and setup. All of this information helps us create a space that is truly tailored to your needs.


Step #2

Design & Quote

Based on your consultation, our in house engineering team creates a customized design for you. We include detailed & realistic renderings which we combine with a picture of your specific backyard so you can imagine how your completed backyard office will look like before you commit to the project! We provide a detailed final quote with straightforward pricing & a clear project timeline. 



Step #3


Our skilled team carries out the installation swiftly and professionally. We will coordinate with you to schedule a suitable work schedule to, ensure minimal disruption to your routine. We focus on quality, ensuring your new backyard studio is built to last, and matches your expectations.    

What do our customers have to say?

In this webinar we will cover

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As featured in

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To optimize your backyard office you need full control!

At Focus Space we...


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